bc "heavy" biermann: tech + academic

BC Biermann possesses an interdisciplinary background that comprises academia, technology, and the arts. With a PhD in Humanities (intermedia / cultural analysis) from the Universiteit van Amsterdam, BC (“Heavy”) has worked as both a university professor and a tech developer in Southern California and Saint Louis. Since 2007, BC has presented his academic work “The Battle of Los Angeles,” which explores semiotics, hyper-reality, graffiti, and illegal billboards in public space.

As a kind of synthesis between scholarly inquiry and emerging media, BC founded The Heavy Projects to examine how technology, including augmented reality (AR), can both re-appropriate and re-imagine public space. To this end, Heavy’s “Pirate Banker” Junaio channel was an early AR takeover of street level advertising. In collaboration with NYC’s Public Ad Campaign (PAC), Heavy’s “AR | AD Takeover” channel filtered outdoor advertising and replaced it with original street art (by Ron English, John Fekner, PosterBoy, Doctor D, and OX) and received attention in CNet, PC World, Popaganda, and Juxtapoz. “Re*Public,” Heavy’s current project with PAC, is a mobile device application that digitally resurfaces buildings in urban centers in order to turn architecture into locations for meaningful cultural exchange.

After finally giving up his painfully amateur skateboarding career due to a bum right knee… BC plans to use his extra time continuing to investigate emerging media and the democratization of public space.

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