jenny holzer + qualcomm: san diego 2015

Created as a part of the Re+Public collaboration [ heavy + seiler ], we created in interactive, digital augmentation that allows users to view and interact with the Jenny Holzer installation on the San Diego campus in situ via a mobile device.

evolution of ideas: san diego 2015

This mural tells the story of invention and ideas, and how they expand and grow to shape our futures. Numerous images in this work were obtained from the NYPL and Library of Congress collections as well as contemporary print media. Special thanks to Jack Lerner's team and the CoAA for its Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for the Visual Arts.

noad: nyc 2014

NO AD, a mobile app available now for FREE on iOS and Android. NO AD uses augmented reality technology to replace ads with artwork in realtime through your mobile device. The app will work with dozens of common ads and will be updated regularly with new content. Try it with as many ads as possible to discover lots of new art! Turn your commute into a curated art experience with NO AD. NO AD is a collaboration between PublicAdCampaign, The Heavy Projects and Jowy Romano of Subway Art Blog under the umbrella of Re+Public.

productive consumption: perth 2014

Sponsored by Form, Re+Public joined 30 other international artists as a part of the PUBLIC festival. Re+Public completed 2 small murals on Murray st. across from the IBIS hotel, and a larger mural on Wolf Lane. Additionally, our murals appeared in bus stop shelters around the city. Like our work at SXSW, through the Re+Public app, these murals digitally come alive. Additionally, how the user chooses to interact with the mural alters the mural's digital content, which provides anonymous data in terms of how individuals are engaging with the art, and ultimately the space that situates that art.

cycle of consumption: austin 2014

Sponsored by Qualcomm Vuforia and IEEE-SA, Re+Public launched its first solo mural at SXSW14. An 84' x 32' wheatepaste mural, the content deals with the concepts of production, advertising, and consumption. Through the Re+Public app, the mural comes alive in digital 3D. Additionally, users can interact with the mural by touching either "production" or "beauty".

digital city: brussels 2013

We traveled to Brussels, Belgium to participate in a tech art summit / workshop organized by the European Union Commission, IMAL, and the Harlan Levey Projects. During the five day stay in Brussels, we seized the opportunity to digitally takeover Grand-Place, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We successfully built three mobile augmented reality functionalities: interactive augmented mapping, interactive data visualization, and a digital art installation.

moto wall: st. louis 2013

Created in collaboration with Grand Center, the Art and Life Alliance and MOMO, [ heavy ] co-created a digital, immersive, and interactive mural on the Moto Museum wall (85' x 21') in St. Louis @ Grand Center. There are 14 basic shapes embedded in the painted mural. The Re+Public app unlocks 42 digital variations of those basic shapes and allows users to view and randomly re-compose the mural into hundreds of variations.

wynwood walls: miami 2012

Created during the Art Basel event we digitally augmented and animated five murals (How & Nosm, Aiko, Retna, Ryan McGinness, and Momo). Additionally, we resurrected the Shepard Fairey mural that he recently painted over. This project was in collaboration with Goldman Properties.