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re*public (NYC | LA - beta may 2012)

Built in collaboration with the Public Ad Campaign re*public is a mobile device application that digitally resurfaces, or "skins" physical buildings in urban centers by overlaying 3D content onto the physical environment. Creatively harnessing augmented reality (AR) technology, re*public turns architecture into locations for meaningful cultural exchange and, in doing so, provides the user with a new way of seeing public space as a more open and democratic media environment. In collaboration with top contemporary street artists, re*public will create the first virtual mural program in both NY and LA and build an inventory of AR locations in both cities, which can then be repurposed for other public media projects.

ar | ad takeover (new york city - july 2011)

The Heavy Projects and the Public Ad Campaign have completed an Augmented Reality channel that filters out outdoor advertising and replaces it with original street art by Ron English, John Fekner, PosterBoy, Doctor D, and OX. Curated by Jordan Seiler, these pieces could only be viewed on a smart mobile device using the AR | AD takeover channel on the Junaio application. Additionally, to view a similar project interested in art and advertising in public space, please visit the Artvertiser.

photo by will sherman

g george (LA - june 2011)

G George is an example of street ARt inside a gallery. In Lab Art, a Los Angeles gallery, when placing street artist Kai Aspire's "Masked" in the camera view of your smartphone (Android or Iphone), the painting unlocks a piece of augmented reality art, or ARt. This kind of augmented reality | artistic interaction is an example of hypAR-reality, which implodes the distinction between the "real" and "imaginary." Triggered from the "real" world, virtual "art" can reveal another layer of meaning, or the "g"angster street artist we always knew G George was.

pirate banker (LA - april 2011)

Heavy's "Pirate Banker" channel is an augmented reality takeover of the Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides "Captain Barbossa" (Geoffrey Rush) movie poster. You can place the poster in your camera view to trigger a short movie texture that reveals Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein as the real "pirate". You can use any version of the poster as a marker (trigger), whether it is in public space, on your computer, or on your tablet. This is the first augmented reality takeover of an ad in public space.

beastie blaster (LA - may 2011)

Heavy's "Beastie Blaster" channel employs the Hot Sauce Committee Part Two album cover as a 2D marker that triggers a 3D model of the 1980's urban icon... the Ghetto Blaster. Listen for the intro to Make Some Noise, touch the Blaster, and then click the Open Web button to view their latest video.

this is not news (lacma - may 2011)

Heavy's "This Is Not News" channel digitally appropriates Rene Magritte's celebrated painting in order to reveal the "Treachery of Images" that marks mainstream television news sources in the United States. Please place the original painting in the Los Angeles County Museum of Modern Art or any "image" of the painting in your camera view to trigger the movie texture of talking heads on Fox News and MSNBC.

solar system (LA - may 2011)

This channel provides an interactive glimpse into our solar system. Each planet is a separate 3D model replica based on current NASA images. Additionally, each planet is set to specific longitude, latitude, and altitude GPS coordinates. Once you locate the planet(s), you can touch that planet on the camera screen to pull up a menu and link to an informational NASA webpage.

stealth over staples (LA - april 2011)

Using precise longitude, latitude, and altitude GPS coordinates, Heavy's "Stealth Over Staples" channel placed a 3D model of a stealth fighter over the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles during the 2011 NBA All-Star Game. I guess the fans inside didn't see the fly-by.

tank rolls disney hall (LA - march 2011)

Using precise latitude and longitude GPS coordiantes, Heavy's "Tank Rolls Disney" channel places a 3D model tank at the corner of West 1st Street and North Grand Avenue in front of the Disney Concert Hall in downtown Los Angeles. Not often do high society and war machines mingle this closely.

occupiAR (US - nov 2011)

Using precise latitude and longitude GPS coordiantes, Heavy's "occupiAR" was designed to geolocate several Occupy sites at cities around the United States. The channel allowed users in each city to navigate to the sites with their mobile device GPS in addition to the abilit to email and link to the individual websites. A more robust channel that allowed for geolocated video from protests was planned, but cut short due to the crackdown on the protests.


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