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interactive mural: san diego | feb 2015

San Diego

elf-ray vision: la | dec 2014

Elf-Ray Vision

no ad: nyc | sep 2014


austin + perth | may 2014

Austin + Perth

grand-place takeover: brussels | nov 2013

Grand-Place Takeover

moto wall: st. louis | sept 2013

Moto Wall Digital Mural

driskill takeover @ SXSW: austin | mar 2013

Driskill Hotel Takeover Establishing shots by Jessica Klima

wynwood walls @ art basel: miami | dec 2012

Wynwood Walls Miami (Art Basel)

bowery wall: nyc | june 2012

Bowery Wall Mural Resurrections

augmented architecture: nyc | la | may 2012

Augmented Architecture

ar ad takeover: nyc | june 2011

Augmented Reality Advertising Takeover (AR | AD)

g george: los angeles, june 2011

"G George" Augmented Reality Art

city visions talk [awe 2014]

city visions w/ ieee [awe 2014]

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