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Heavy develops, builds upon and experiments with existing tech to attempt something new and hopefully discover meaningful applications and solutions. Heavy does not create tech, but rather finds progressive instances and refashions them for artistic and practical deployments.

web animation [ html 5 ]

As html5 grows more robust, web-based animation will increasingly replace flash-based solutions.

spacedock [ html5 animation ]


Using a photoshop matte painting by one of my best mates ean mering, with plasma propulsion, the alien ship exists from a planetary spacedock in a 6 second animation.

html5 animation the heavy projects

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heavy train [ html5 animation ]


Using a 10 second animation, the heavy train pulls into the subway station, a ghost heavy graf artist exists the train, tags the wall with his signature red paint, and quickly gets back onto the train as it pulls away down the tunnel.

html5 animation the heavy projects

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paperstreets [ urban art + mobile device AR ]


Paperstreets are an experimental urban art / mobile device AR deployment. Heavy hopes to integrate urban art and mobile device AR media to create a transmedia and collaborative urban experience that adults and kids can both enjoy.

paperstreets the heavy projects bc biermann

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web graffiti [ processing.js ]


In this piece, you are able to graffiti this paris subway wall (including its poster ads) in Heavy's signature red paint. To become a digital graf artist, you will need to please press and drag cursor (desktop) or just use your finger (mobile).

processing.js digital graffiti the heavy projects

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icon evolver [ html5 canvas + javascript ]


Based on the genetic image evolution (polygon rendering) javascript created by roger alsing, this application allows the user to evolve images from a selection of cultural icons. Users can tweak the parameters to acheive results that best match the orignal icon.

html5 genetic image evolution the heavy projects

evolution »

web drawing [ html5 canvas + javascript ]


Based on the procedural drawing code developed by mr. doob (i think), Harmony is an HTML5-based online tool that lets you draw on a white canvas using different brushes. It supports a very basic multiply blending effect (as seen in Photoshop) and the developer notes that it is the first attempt to reproduce the functionalities of a drawing application on the web.

html5 procedural drawing the heavy projects

drawing »

image manipulation [ html5 canvas + javascript ]


Based on the perspective correct texturing code developed by Thatcher Ulrich, this example allows the user to manipulate an image on the web. The user can rotate the image front to back, change the angle, zoom in and out, and view the image wireframe.

perspective correct texturing the heavy projects

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web geolocation [ html5 ]


Based on the html5 geolocation specification and the initial experiment and UI created by psyked, this application uses the browsers’ quite accurate geolocation API.

html5 geolocation the heavy projects

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